The 2.5s class

Lawrenceville 2.5 Year Old Preschool

Early childhood education has been found to offer lasting benefits for children. And the benefits of preschool are not just for the children of wealthy families who go to the most expensive preschools: Middle-class and lower-income children also fare better throughout their school years if they attended a quality preschool. When your choice of preschool can give your child a significant advantage even many years later, it makes sense to choose an early childhood education center that offers the best curriculum in the most nurturing environment.

Explorations Community Preschool is dedicated to offering families in the Lawrenceville, NJ community the kind of preschool education that sets the stage for academic success and helps our preschool students grow into more caring, more successful individuals. We love to see our preschoolers thrive mentally, physically, socially and emotionally!

Benefits of 2.5 Year Old Preschool

The benefits of the right kind of preschool are not just academic, but also social in nature. Not only are kids who go to a high quality preschool more likely to be more emotionally mature and better able to focus when they enter first grade, but they are less likely to need welfare and have a much lower likelihood of being imprisoned.

Studies have shown that preschool benefits children — even as young as 2.5 years old — in some important ways:

  • Improved readiness for school: Preschool is a way for children to begin to learn how to focus, work together, and benefit from early literacy in math and literacy. They come into kindergarten more prepared for the structure of school.
  • Better academic achievement: Research shows that children from all social strata have better long-term success when they attend a high quality preschool. Whether they are low-income, middle-class or in the upper income range, children who start their academic life as preschoolers in a good program are more likely to succeed academically, less likely to need to repeat grades, more likely to graduate high school, and less likely to need special education or resource services.
  • Better emotional development and socialization: Early education programs such as our 2.5 year old preschool can have a lasting positive impact on a child’s ability to interact effectively and appropriately with peers, focus on work, control his or her temper, and other “soft skills” that lead to success in school and in the workplace.

A Firm Foundation: Academic and Social Skills

2.5 year old preschool is an excellent time for children to begin learning some of the social skills and fine motor skills they will need to succeed in school, and Explorations Community Preschool offers Lawrenceville toddlers the warm, friendly and nurturing environment that they need to develop those skills.

We offer a safe place where preschoolers can practice social skills like sharing and collaborating as they begin to learn important concepts such as colors, shapes, counting, letters and numbers. A lot of learning takes place at Explorations in an age appropriate setting with plenty of encouragement and warmth. In preschool at Explorations, your child will learn to follow directions and work together with others — and have a lot of fun along the way!

Many of our classroom activities take place in small groups, because we believe in fostering a sense of community, collaboration and compassion. Our teachers plan activities that reinforce what is being learned, but leave room for creativity.

We also help inculcate a sense of community, caring for others and social responsibility along the way. Our learning center has been involved with many community outreach programs in Mercer County, partnering with organizations such as Meals on Wheels, SAVE Animal Shelter, the Salvation Army, Kids Helping Kids, Operation Christmas Child and more. At Explorations, we want our preschoolers to not just learn better skills for their own success, but an awareness of the importance of caring for and helping others.

2.5 Year Old Preschool Curriculum

A day at Explorations Community Preschool is a busy day full of learning and fun! Just consider some of our many 2.5 year old preschool class activities:

  • Learning through play
  • Work on fine and gross motor skills
  • Emphasis on social skills and collaboration
  • Focus on colors, shapes and counting
  • Introduction to letters and numbers
  • Following directions
  • Independence from parents
  • Sensory play
  • Topic related crafts and activities

Special activities:

  • Music & Movement

Although we fit a lot of educational content into every fun-filled day at Explorations, we also know that “play is the principal business of childhood,” as the saying goes. For that reason, we offer plenty of unstructured activities as well as lessons and activities that require children to follow directions.

All of our preschool classes have plenty of play time and center-based activities, as well as indoor and outdoor time each day.

Preschool Learning that Engages the Senses

Especially in early childhood, learning works best when multiple senses are involved. That’s why we plan activities that incorporate as many as possible of the five senses: Seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling. We offer physical exercise that builds strong bodies as well as a solid foundation of learning colors, shapes, letters, numbers and fine motor skills that builds agile minds. And we do it all in a nurturing environment that helps children develop their emotional maturity. It’s a combination designed to help your child succeed and to keep offering returns on your investment for many years to come.

Our Lawrenceville early childhood education center has plenty of room inside and out for children to explore their world: When it comes time for outdoor play, our preschoolers can enjoy a fenced-in play area, a sandbox, a garden with a walking path, and more. Enrichment activities such as caring for a vegetable garden help children connect with nature as well as to learn about proper nutrition and health while still in preschool — setting the stage (or the table?) for healthy eating throughout your child’s life.

We encourage healthy eating through two daily snacks as well as a parent-provided lunch. Our indoor enrichment activities are as exciting as the outdoor play we provide, because we offer a variety of fun ways to learn — from arts and crafts to cooking, yoga, S.T.E.M. activities (as much as possible and at an age appropriate level), sensory activities and more. We have nap time daily to recharge from all of the hands-on learning that makes up our exciting curriculum!

Choosing the Best 2.5 Year Old Preschool for Your Child

We understand how important it is for every parent to choose the right 2.5 year old preschool program for their child. It is a time when the child begins to gain some independence from his or her parents, but you naturally want that separation to happen in a healthy way that makes your child feel safe and helps kids grow socially and academically. Explorations Community Preschool has caring teachers, exciting learning activities, beautiful outdoor spaces for outdoor play, and a curriculum that emphasizes hands-on learning activities, working together and respecting others. We think you’ll love being part of the Explorations family!

Explorations offers a full year program. As long as we have the available space, we are happy to accommodate enrollment at any time of the year. Contact us today to find out more about our 2.5 year old preschool and other early childhood education programs and to arrange a tour of our school.