The 4s class

4 year old class (Pre-K)

Lawrenceville 4 Year Old Pre-K

Did you know that between the ages of 3 and 5, a child’s vocabulary increases by anywhere from 900 to 2,500 words? The child also begins to use more complex sentence structures during this period of amazing growth and change. At Explorations Community Preschool, we use this window of opportunity to help children explore their world in a way that helps them prepare for academic success as well as fostering healthy social relationships, better emotional maturity, physical fitness and more.

If you’ve been looking into Lawrenceville pre-k programs, we would love for you to consider joining our community! Our preschool takes a holistic and very hands-on approach to early childhood education, offering lots of interesting sensory experiences as well as a taste of more traditional classroom learning.

We feel that it is important to foster cooperation and collaboration between students as well as to give kids an opportunity to help those in need. With so many of our preschool activities, we give our young students the foundation they need to grow into compassionate, emotionally mature adults.

Benefits of High Quality 4 Year Old Preschool Education

Many studies have shown that preschool offers many benefits for kids that extend into elementary school, high school and even adult life! Kids from families of all income levels and backgrounds are more likely to succeed in school, and at-risk kids who attend a high quality preschool are less likely to drop out of high school, or to need special education or resource help while in school. From providing pre-math and pre-literacy skills to helping children develop “soft skills” like being able to respect and work well with peers, the right kind of early childhood education can give kids the skills and confidence they need to succeed.

At the pre-kindergarten level, preschool classes are still very play-oriented but are beginning to have more structure. In our 4 year old preschool / pre-k classes, students learn how to follow the teacher’s instructions, and go further with their ability to collaborate with other students.

Some of the other benefits of early childhood education at the pre-k level include:

A head start in literacy and math skills. Pre-k is also a time for kids to learn new things like sight words and how to write their name. We also introduce basic math concepts in our 4 year old preschool classes, so our students go on to kindergarten and elementary school with a clear advantage.

A boost in emotional maturity. Children who attend preschool, including pre-k, have more practice at developing the skills that lead to emotional maturity — skills such as self-control, sharing, conflict resolution, how to work together on projects, and other social skills that kids need throughout school and life.

At Explorations Community Preschool, we take this a step further by participating in monthly community outreach events: Our preschool partners with community organizations to help those in need in Mercer County. We’ve partnered with Meals on Wheels, Kids Helping Kids, Homefront, the Salvation Army, SAVE Animal Shelter, and Operation Christmas Child, and are open to suggestions about other charitable organizations we could work with. We also encourage parents to join us in our volunteer work, because volunteering as a family helps increase family bonds as well as showing the child that you also value doing kind acts for others. By helping kids learn to be compassionate volunteers with an awareness of others’ needs, we are doing our best to help our students develop into better citizens.

New creative outlets. Through arts and crafts activities, music and movement, we give our students the opportunity to learn new skills and express themselves in different ways.
Our Pre-K program uses a multi-sensory approach to early childhood education, meaning that we like to incorporate all five senses in learning whenever possible. In the warmer months, we have a vegetable garden that kids can help with. Through growing vegetables and helping to prepare them, our preschoolers learn life science concepts, basic cooking skills, and health and nutrition concepts.

Healthy play and invigorating physical activity. We make sure our young students have plenty of opportunities for active play, indoors and out! Our outdoor play area includes a sandbox, a fenced-in play area, and a garden with a walking path. We often take our students outdoors for walks so they can get healthy physical activity in a natural setting.

Fine motor skills. Along with the gross motor skills they will develop through active play and yoga — such as developing their sense of balance and hand-eye coordination — our 4 year old preschool students also hone their fine motor skills through a variety of activities: Cutting with scissors, threading beads onto a string, learning basic drawing skills, coloring, writing their own names and other activities help children boost their fine motor skills.

Pre-k programs also give kids some opportunities to be more independent from their parents, to learn to interact with and respect other adults, and of course to make lots of new friends! Healthy interactions and socialization are an important part of any young child’s development, and at Explorations, we provide a friendly and safe environment for kids to learn to work with others. Our teachers are talented early childhood educators who guide their students as they learn to collaborate and resolve conflicts with each other.

A Well-Rounded Pre-K Curriculum

Variety is the spice of life, and we believe it’s also a great model for a pre kindergarten program. From yoga to STEM-based learning, from sight words to cooking, from gardening to basic math concepts, we provide our 4 year old preschool students with a firm foundation for school and life. We keep the learning fun in order to engage kids and help strengthen their learning.

Some of our 4 year old class (Pre-K) activities include:

  • Emphasis on social skills and collaboration
  • Learning to write and spell last name
  • Learning personal information
  • Introduction to sight words
  • Basic math concepts introduced
  • Sensory play
  • Topic related crafts and activities

We also offer special activities, such as:

  • Music & Movement
  • Blocks for Tots (a STEM-based enrichment program that uses Lego building toys to engage kids)
  • Yoga
  • Cooking
  • Science
  • Gardening

All of our preschool classes, from 2.5 year old preschool through our 4 year old pre-kindergarten program, have plenty of play time and center-based activities, in addition to indoor and outdoor time each day. It’s a good mix of structured and unstructured activity that teaches young children how to behave in a classroom and respect teachers and other students, but also gives them plenty of chances to explore their surroundings and just be kids!

Early childhood is a great time to learn healthy habits. We encourage kids to eat (and enjoy) nutritious foods through two daily snacks as well as a parent-provided lunch. And of course our 4 year old preschoolers have nap time every day, giving them a chance to recharge from all of our busy activities.

If you’ve been looking for a high quality Lawrenceville 4 year old preschool and Pre-K program, Explorations Community Preschool has everything you could hope for in a warm and nurturing environment.

Our preschool programs go year round, so we offer enrollment at any time as long as we have space available. Contact Explorations today to begin the admissions process or to schedule a tour of our preschool!