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At Explorations Community Preschool, we believe that it’s never too early to begin learning to look for ways to help others. Young children such as our preschool students have an incredible capacity for caring about others and wanting to help, so we put our lessons into action with our Community Outreach activities.

We do one community based project each month that directly impacts Mercer County.  Students learn to lend a helping hand to others in need. In the past we have worked with the following outreach programs:

  • Meals on Wheels
  • Homefront
  • Kids Helping Kids
  • Salvation Army
  • SAVE Animal Shelter
  • Operation Christmas Child

How Helping Others Helps Children Develop

Teaching children to be more socially aware and willing to volunteer at a younger age has several benefits that go beyond the help we provide. Volunteering with young children such as preschoolers also:

  • Reinforces value systems
  • Gives kids a chance to meet people who have built a career around helping others
  • Expands their social network
  • Builds other skills
  • Provides a feeling of satisfaction that will make them want to volunteer again!

Our community outreach events are designed to help our students develop social awareness and to help them become community members for whom volunteering is something that comes naturally. We want all our preschoolers to grow up with an awareness that they can make a difference and that helping others feels good!

Want to be a part of our volunteer activities?

Join us! We welcome involvement from parents. Not only is volunteering with your child a wonderful experience that benefits those in need, but it can also help reinforce what your child is learning about the importance of helping others and raising awareness about social issues. And family bonds are strengthened when family members work together and donate their time to help others.

Our Current Project is:

Explorations is in the process of planning a new event. Please check back soon! Or let us know if you have an idea of a local community organization that we could partner with for one of our monthly outreach events.